Jeff Butler

Developer Biography

Jeff Butler joined the Raven Art staff in the fall of 1997, after a nine-year stretch as a freelance illustrator and comic book artist. During that period, his projects included The Green Hornet, Godzilla, Hercules, Xena and Jurassic Park. He also drew the monthly Ghostwriter strip for the Children's Television Workshop magazine, Kid City. Before that, Jeff spent five years in the TSR art department where he illustrated the Marvel Superheroes role playing game, Dragonlance books, and numerous other projects. After returning to his native Madison with his family, Jeff joined Raven and began his crash course in computer game art. He was the 2-D Art Lead on Heretic II and has worked on Soldier of Fortune and Star Trek, Elite Force.

Source: Selected articles from Raven Software Official Website - Company - Art

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