Micah Wright

Developer Biography

Micah Wright is a writer who has worked in film, television, video games, comic books and animation.

Upon earning a degree in Political Science and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, Micah relocated to Los Angeles and worked at Nickelodeon Animation Studios for six years. While at Nicktoons, Micah wrote for "the Angry Beavers" among other shows, and created Nickelodeon's first action-adventure show, Constant Payne (2001) (TV).

Micah is also a political commentator and protest artist. His poster website www.antiwarposters.com has reached almost a million distinct hits with no publicity other than word of mouth. He has published three books of his repainted propaganda posters. The first book, "YOU Back The Attack, WE'LL Bomb Who We Want" includes a foreword by noted historian Howard Zinn and an introduction by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.. His second book of posters, "If You're Not A Terrorist... Then Stop Asking Questions" is now available and his third book, "Surveillance Means Security!" was published in January, 2007.

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