Sonia Yazmadjian

Developer Biography

Sonia Yazmadjian joined Electronic Arts in 1995 as a translator, and then evolved to the role of Software Localisation Manager for Europe until 2003. With a team of 5 project managers and 1 audio manager, Sonia's team were the interface between developers (EARS, EAC, EAUK, Westwood, Maxis, plus affiliated labels like Fox, ), marketing and translation people.

Because it's easier for gamers to enjoy action in their own language, especially when instructions or tips are spoken, the team's role was to deliver, throughout European countries, games that are well translated and dubbed. This process is called "localisation" because occasionally assets have to be adapted to local regulations.

However, one has to be careful not to change the spirit of the game: localisation is here not to alter but to promote the experience that developers want to deliver.

Sonia is now working in other industries. However, she keeps a soft spot for creators!

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