Jeff Bigman

Developer Biography

3d Artist - Electronic Arts Los Angeles July 2002 to Present Titles:Medal of Honor Expansion "Spearhead" 3d prop and vehicle design 2d credit art- Icon design- Weapon animation

Artist/Animator 3DO - New World Computing June 1997 to July 2002 Titles: Might and Magic 6,7,8,9- Heroes 3, Heroes Expansion 1&2, Heroes 4, Gathering Storm Environmental design and animation. Character design and animation. Cinematics. Concept, design, storyboard and produce previz , game art and cut scenes for Might & Magic and Heroes PC titles using Max 3.1, PhotoShop 5, AfterEffects 4 and Premiere. Directed other artists and composite all scenes for MM8 trailer, as well as laying in sound and animating and building many of the scenes.

Designer, Illustrator /AKA Studios March 1996 to January 1997 Concept, design, marker comp and illustrate boxes, ads and create illustrations for computer games and packaging using digital and traditional media, including 3d Animation with Strata Studio Pro and After Effects. Games: Alley 19, Reloaded, Assassin, Sandwarriors and Die by the Sword.

Contributed by Jeff Bigman (3) on Nov 26, 2002.