Andy Hook

Developer Biography

Born in Paris, grew up in Alberta/Saskatchewan, second generation programmer; father (Austin Hook) owned an early computer store (The Computer Shop) - mother (Anna Hook) was and still is an artist. One sister, Jennifer Hook, an artist and digital librarian in NYC as of 2008. One son, Tristan Sky Hook with Elizabeth Kent. As of 2008 settling in Portland, Oregon. Separated.

Historically the prime motivation for becoming a computer programmer has been to "let people see through the walls" to collaborate and to understand their space; their ecosystems and the like.

During the 1990's did dev for oil patch during the oil boom in Calgary. Encouraged friends to make games and then decided to do games professionally.

First game was for Discovery Software in Annapolis, MA (Zoom); and then to Bethesda Softworks (Wayne Gretsky Hockey), and then to Visionary Design Technologies (Vortex), and the Readysoft (Dragon's Lair) and then PAS systems (Maelstrom) and then Electronic Arts (Sword of Sodan) and Postlinear (Vigilance) and then Electronic Arts again (Lord of the Rings) ... moved quite a bit during this period.

Decided that making many participant experiences was worthwhile; creating collaborative spaces and the like - but games were too limiting; moved to the web and worked on Ning, and Platial and Meedan and things like that. Long term goals past 2008 is still to build predictive models of communities so that people can see the future.

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