Rick Stirling

Developer Biography

Rick Stirling was originally a hobby games artist working on mods, then started work at Ubisoft UK in 2001 and worked on several games, including Rayman 2 and Bear in the Big Blue House for the Gameboy Colour.

In June 2002, after the closure of the Oxford Ubisoft studio, Rick moved to Runecraft in Yorkshire, and worked on various games including Super Bubble Pop for the Gamecube, Xbox and PS2. The BBC reopened the defunct Runecraft studio with a reduced staff as Gamezlab where he worked on Fightbox and then [spooks] until the studio closed in July 2004.

After that Rick moved to Rockstar North, and briefly worked on the finishing touches of GTA: San Andreas.

Since then he has worked on GTA 4 and its Episodic content for Rockstar North, as well as the PSP/PS2 GTA Stories games developed at Rockstar Leeds.

Most recently he has been credited for work on Max Payne 3.

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