Sergey Tiraspolsky

Developer Biography

Sergey is a life-long gamer and has been enjoying gaming and computing since first firing up his dad’s TRS-80. His first experience with game programming was at age 7, when he would copy pages of BASIC game code out of books on his Atari 800XL (only to find out that most wouldn’t run).

Sergey continued to have a strong interest in computers in his teens and ran a successful BBS, created compelling content for MUDs, and played a plethora of various games (Civ I, II, III, and AC included). He worked while attending college, and had several jobs that spanned e-commerce management and marketing, database administration, and .Net development.

After earning a Computer Science degree at Oakland University in Michigan, Sergey developed business applications for several years before making the jump into the game industry in 2004 - at 2K Games West in L.A., focusing on QA. At 2K Games, he was assigned to head up testing the mod system for Civilization IV, and had an opportunity to work on game code.

Sergey was then brought on-site in November 2005 and spent several months at Firaxis helping put the finishing touches on Civilization IV. He says he liked working at Firaxis so much, that he was thrilled to accept the opportunity to come back for good in January of 2006.

Sergey's Game History:
Scaler, Close Combat: First to Fight, Outlaw Golf 2, Conflict: Global Terror, Shattered Union, Sid Meier's Civilization IV

Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Apr 29, 2006.