Wade Tinney

Developer Biography

Wade has been designing and developing games since 1996. He founded Large Animal Games with Josh Welber in January of 2001. Since then, Large Animal has developed over 100 games for a variety of platforms. Since 2008, Large Animal has focused on publishing games that connect friends on social networks and mobile devices. Their Toga social game platform provides a complete tool set for running games as a service across multiple platforms and devices. Recent titles include Picturiffic, Lucky Cruise, and Nomsters. He was the founding editor of the Casual Games Quarterly and has led the New York City Chapter of the International Game Developers Association since 2006. He won the IGDA's MVP award in 2008 for his contributions. For more information about Large Animal, please visit http://www.largeanimal.com or connect with Wade on Twitter at http://twitter.com/largeanimal

Contributed by Wade Tinney (3) on Oct 08, 2012.