Kevin Lambert

Developer Biography

If a person could be born to make video games, Kevin Lambert would fit that mold. With a favorite childhood hobby of playing arcade, home console and pen and paper role playing games, you would be extremely hard pressed to find a computer, arcade or home video game that Kevin hasn't mastered. During his college years, Kevin was programming small computer games while earning a BS degree in Computer Science at the University of Texas and was also cited for creating the first and most comprehensive Mario64 strategy guide available on the Internet. (Read: far too much time on his hands)

Evidently owning nearly every home videogame console since Pong just wasn't enough for Kevin. To tide himself over until he starts his own arcade someday, Kevin can do all the classic arcade gaming he wants on a custom-built MAME arcade cabinet he has in his house. (Just don't bring up the issue of how he got the cabinet upstairs, it's a bit of a sore subject with the wife)

Having been a game designer and programmer in the industry since the 1990's, Kevin has over 10 critically acclaimed titles under his belt including Tron 2.0 (PC), Sanity: Aiken's Artifact (PC), and No One Lives Forever (PS2). Kevin's unmatched passion and desire to create great games in addition to his experience and skills would normally make him an invaluable asset to GPG, but as fate would have it, he seems to have developed a fascination with writing design docs and playing with excel spreadsheets all day. And we won't even get into his Dance Dance Revolution obsession.

Source: Selected articles from Gas Powered Games Official Company Website

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