Jo Ashburn

Developer Biography

In 1990, a friend of Jo “Captain Tripps” Ashburn saw a job posting on a computer bulletin board for a games tester at LucasArts Entertainment Company. He called in, left his name, and heard nothing for six months. Then he got a call for an interview, went in, and answered a few questions about what games he had played, if he had ever cheated, and what he liked about them. He was hired on the spot. As all testers at LucasArts, he had to get a nickname. When he showed up, someone thought he looked like Jerry Garcia, and they called him "Captain Trips," which was Jerry’s nickname. He added the extra ‘P’ out of respect for Jerry and so people could tell them apart.

Besides being a game tester, he was a documentation writer, and he has written hint books for Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max Hit the Road, and co-wrote manuals for Afterlife, The Curse of Monkey Island, Dark Forces, Day of the Tentacle, Jedi Knight, Outlaws, and Sam & Max.

He has also written strategy guides for Afterlife, The Curse of Monkey Island (with Rick Barba), The Dig, Escape from Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (with Rick Barba), and Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

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