Matthew J. Powers

Developer Biography

Matthew Powers is a senior producer at SEGA of America. Previously he held the same role at Activision. Prior to Activision he was with Electronic Arts Los Angeles (now Danger Close) since 2002 when he joined the company to oversee all PC development for the Medal of Honor as a senior producer. He began his career as a contract programmer for Apple Computers. In 1993 he joined Alexandria, Inc as a producer. Powers developed eight products for a variety of consoles in three years, including Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings, Demolition Man and Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers.

In 1996 Powers moved to Infogrames in San Jose as an executive producer. While at Infogrames he served as brand wide product development manager for the Unreal line of first person shooters. Powers oversaw the development of Unreal II: The Awakening for PC, Unreal Tournament 2003 for PC, Unreal Championship for Xbox, Unreal Tournament for PS2 and Xbox, Unreal Tournament (Game of the Year Edition) for PC, and Unreal: Gold for PC. Powers also developed several other projects internally and externally in his time at Infogrames.

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