Robert Garriott

Developer Biography

Robert Garriott graduated from MIT in 1983 with a Master of Science in Management after writing a thesis discussing the "Cross Elasticity of Demand for Computer Games". Having also received a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rice University, and a Masters degree in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University, Robert wanted to become an entrepreneur. In March of 1983, Robert and his younger brother Richard Garriott founded ORIGIN Systems, Inc. to publish products in the award winning Ultima series, and to develop other producer’s products, such as Wing Commander, into best selling product lines. It was Robert who convinced his brother to produce his own games, convinced that they could do it better than Sierra.

By 1990, ORIGIN Systems, Inc. had become the number one independent publisher of computer games in the U.S. While traveling constantly between Tokyo and Europe, Robert built international publishing relationships that eventually accounted for 30% to 50% of ORIGIN Systems, Inc.’s worldwide sales.

In order to get a foothold in the PC game business, Electronic Arts acquired ORIGIN Systems, Inc. in 1992. Robert, along with his brother Richard, received "Entrepreneur of the Year" from Inc. Magazine and E&Y consulting. At Electronic Arts, Robert held several positions starting with vice president of business development where he led the team to acquire Bullfrog Productions, along with evaluating other strategic investment opportunities. Robert then became executive vice president of product development where he was responsible for all of EA’s worldwide product development activities outside of San Mateo. During this time period, Robert worked extensively in developing EA’s European studios and markets, along with the startup of EA’s Japanese development and publishing organization.

Robert left EA in 1995 to pursue his personal investment and development interests. Over the next 5 years while pursuing these interests, Robert worked with financial advisors, Electronic Arts, and others on different internet and non-internet gaming opportunities. In 2000, these activities coalesced into a new venture with his brother Richard involving new innovative game designs and business modeling.

He is now the president of NCsoft - North America.

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