Mark Harrison

Developer Biography

Mark started playing with games and programming early in life. In junior high he wrote a pillbox artillery game for the TRS-80, and learned the value of comments when he couldn't understand his own code the day after writing it. Mark began his career in the industry at Interplay during his last summer vacation from college. He started testing Buzz Alrin's Race Into Space, and soon moved into design work on Stonekeep. After receiving his BS, he returned as a programmer. Mark worked on a handful of ports before he joined the Fallout team for the last eight months of its development, and worked on Stonekeep II after that. When not coding, Mark enjoys playing computer games, especially strategy titles, and watching Red Dwarf or anything by Hayao Miyazaki, and it seems he can never get enough sushi.

Contributed by Guy Welch (22) on Feb 27, 2001.