Jeff Glenn Bennett

Developer Biography

Jeff Bennett (born 1963) is a veteran voice actor and a frequent guest in video games. Well known for his cartoon work, Bennett has starred in animation series such as The Powerpuff Girls (as Ace / Big Billy), the dinosaur saga A Land Before Time (as Petrie), Gargoyles (as Brooklyn) and Johnny Bravo (as Johnny Bravo).

Avid computer gamers have likely heard Jeff Bennett a few times. As early as 1993, he participated in some of the earliest talkie versions of Sierra adventures, such as Quest for Glory IV (as evil oriental wizard Ad Avis) or Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Role playing fans know Bennett from characters such as Loxley, the leader of the Hub's Thieves' Circle in Fallout, or Drizzt Do'Urden, the night elf adventurer appearing in every episode of the Baldur's Gate saga.

Adventure addicts have encountered Bennett in Escape from Monkey Island (as the suave plank diver Marco de Pollo) or Stupid Invaders, where the lanky orange alien Bud speaks with his voice.

Among a score of minor characters, Bennett's video game portfolio features a leading role as Kyle Katarn in the popular Jedi Knight series.

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