Marcus Andrews

Developer Biography

Marcus Andrews is a young Swedish game designer who is part of and has greatly contributed to the new educated generation of game designers.

During his years at university he searched for the theory and semantics behind great game design. Although not entirely unsuccessful he reluctantly had to confess that experience is just as important that everyone says.

As stated in his thesis... "Game design theories and systems can alongside with knowledge of HCI, dramaturgy, programming, math, and other academic subjects greatly enhance a designers potential and toolset, but is still only likely to add a piece of the puzzle that is game design"


1984 – Born in Stockholm, Sweden

1991 – 2000 Nine year compulsory-school

2000 – Begins upper Secondary School, Technology and Natural Science Programme

2002 – Does work experience at Lionhead Studios game testing Fable.

2003 – Does work experience at Lionhead Studios game testing Fable and The Movies

2003 – Graduates from upper secondary school

2003 - Begin studies at The University of Skövde – Game development and Design

2004 – Win the Swedish Game Awards as Lead Game Designer for the game Saga of Ina developed at the University with a team of 8 (later to be partners in the founding of Lockpick).

2004 – Co-founds Lockpick Entertainment with the team from Saga of Ina

2004 – Begins work on the studios title “Dreamlords” as a Game Designer.

2006 – Creates the PR event

2006 – Graduates from University as a Bachelor of Arts with a major in computer game development and design.

2006 – Nearing completion on Dreamlords.

2007 February - Dreamlords is released.

2007 August - Recruited by EA DICE

2009 Battlefield Heroes is released

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