Daniel Maher

Developer Biography

On 11th April 2008 Microsoft announced the appointment of Daniel Maher as Xbox Live Editor for Europe. Previously, he was a part of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s International Software Development team.

Maher was recognised as one of the 30 most important people in the industry aged under 30 by MCV magazine in 2007 after his successes at SCEE’s International Software Development team. He joined SCEE straight out of university in 2001, where he worked as a content producer on PlayStation.com for four years before moving to SCEE's International Software Development team. There he worked as European Producer on titles such as Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Patapon and God of War II, the latter of which he accepted two BAFTAs for on behalf of the development team.

Contributed by Sciere (505964) on Apr 11, 2008.