Teut Weidemann

Developer Biography

Teut was one of the first people in Germany to actually hold a job as a game designer/producer. In 1987, he become development director of Softgold and Rainbow Arts, which at that time was the largest developer/publisher in Germany.

During his 3-1/2 years with Softgold and Rainbow Arts, he oversaw more than 32 released titles. Some of them were his designs as well. Most titles ran on the Amiga, and you may remember some of them: Katakis, Denaris, X-Out, R-Type (conversion), Spherical, M.U.D.S., and Conqueror. The latter was his first 3d tank game (programmed and designed by Jonathan Griffiths). Nearly 10 years later he returned to the theme and designed Panzer Elite, published by Psygnosis.

In 1996 he founded his own development studio Wings Simulations and bought back the rights of Panzer Elite from Psygnosis and rereleased the game as Panzer Elite Special Edition.

In 2000 he sold his company to Jowood AG, still staying at his company. He was influential at Jowood on many titles, among them Spellforce 1 and Gothic 2.

In 2004 he released an online shooter called Söldner, in 2005 the add on Söldner Marine Corps.

In 2005 he had to shut down his studio due to financial difficulties of Jowood and started at CTO of CDV AG, the publisher behind Panzers, Blitzkrieg, Cossacks and Sudden Strike.

Since 2008 he is consultant for online games and is busy participating in Ubisoft Blue Bytes online games. He was part of the design of The Settlers Online and is now responsible for monetization & online game mechanics for their other online projects like Anno Online, Silent Hunter Online and Might & Magic Heroes Online.

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