Craig Ledski Leigh

Developer Biography

With over 13 years experience in video games development, Craig Leigh has worked with some of the best teams in the business to create and develop high quality and successful AAA franchises. As a product evangelist Craig is extremely passionate about video games design, and continually strives to create the most innovative and immersive experiences possible.

Originally starting in production, Craig worked for Warner Interactive, GT Interactive and Activision as a Producer where he managed the development of many of their high profile brands.

In 1999 Craig joined 3 colleagues to start his first development studio ‘blue52’, which over the next 4 years grew to 85 people and 4 teams. Holding the position of Creative Director, Craig managed the design and production schedules of all internal teams. Craig was also responsible for the creation and development of all new intellectual property and designs for external contracts. Over the 4.5 year period Craig was with blue52, the company created over 20 new I.P’s and designs for license products, which gained the studio an excellent reputation for innovative and original creations.

In 2004 Craig was invited to join Ubisoft Shanghai as a Creative Director, managing the design and development of two of their highest profile AAA brands. Over the next 2 years Craig held executive positions as both the Creative Director of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and the Design Director of Splinter Cell Double Agent. Both products were developed to an extremely high level of quality and were incredibly successful at release, receiving many high scoring reviews and accolades from the industry.

After the release of Splinter Cell Double Agent, Craig returned to the UK and founded Gen-Z Consulting Limited, a video games design consultancy company. Over the next 2 years Craig worked with various US companies, to assisting in the design and development of new intellectual properties and technologies. Working closely with Titan Studios, Craig was instrumental in the creation of ‘Fat Princess’ an exclusive Sony title created specifically for the PlayStation network. In 2008 Fat Princess was announced at Sony’s Keynote speech at the E3 industry trade show, where it instantly received a blitz of media attention and nominations for over 15 awards. Fat Princess is still currently in development and is due for release in early 2009.

Contributed by Craig Leigh (206) on Dec 18, 2008.