Pat Callahan

Developer Biography

Pat Callahan started at Sierra On-line in 1997 as the Quality Assurance PC tech. He maintained the computers that the game testers used and also implemented the bug defect tracking software used to help fix bugs with the games.

When the company moved to a new building he took on the job as Compatibility Lab Supervisor. Sierra had 70 computers of every configuration possible that they ran all games on to test for compatibility of hardware.

In 2001 he got moved to the Sierra group as a network admin. He maintained the game servers they had in Los Angeles and Boston for our on-line games such as Half-life, Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2.

In 2003 due to downsizing and moving the company to the LA headquarters a large group including Callahan were laid off. Nowadays he lives in the Phoenix area as a stay at home house husband.

Contributed by Kawabuuk (3) on Jun 12, 2010.