Matt Godbolt

Developer Biography

Matt Godbolt started his career in the games industry in 1997 at Argonaut Games. There he worked on Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (PC front-end programmer), Red Dog: Superior Firepower (engine and tools developer) and SWAT: Global Strike Team (Playstation 2 and Xbox, engine and tools developer). He was fundamental in creating the shared tools and engine technology used in many of the Argonaut titles.

After Argonaut went into liquidation, he formed a small software consultancy, ProFactor Software with Nik Hemmings. In 2007, he has recently worked on client/server 3D engines for a major online games company, and a controversial Playstation 2 title for a large developer/publisher.

In 2008 Matt made the jump into the real world, and now develops mobile software for Google.

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