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Philip A. S. Robinson

Developer Biography

His full name is Philip A. S. Robinson, he is currently a Designer working at Lionhead Studios. Here is his industry experience:


- B&W2: Battle of the Gods (2006) [joint-Lead designer]

- Black & White 2 (2005) [Designer]

- Fable (2004) [Scripter]


- Rolling 2 design (incomplete)

- Rolling (2002?) [Scripter & Replay cameras]

- Incoming Forces [Lead scripter]

Philip ran his own "company" with a old school friend, beginning whilst at university, and together they created numerous expansion packs for a multitude of PC titles. Most of the expansion packs were unofficial and published by companies unwilling or unable to get official licenses.

- Subversion: The Official add-on to Incoming [Design & Scripting]

- An unofficial Dungeon Keeper expansion pack [Level creation]

- A unofficial level pack for Blood [3D level creation]

- The first unofficial expansion pack for Red Alert [Design, Scripting]

The following were created but remained unpublished for various reasons; most due to not being able to get a deal with a development studio or publisher:

- An expansion for GTA [Design & Scripting]

- An expansion for Dark Reign [AI scripting and level creation]

Contributed by Philip Robinson (1) on Mar 29, 2006.