Bob Stevenson

Developer Biography

Bob Stevenson Founder, Chief Creative Officer, ngmoco:) 2008

Bob has over 20 years of experience in the videogames industry. His games have appeared on nearly every major platform in the history of the industry, working with major partners like EA, THQ, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Virgin, Activision and SEGA

Prior to ngmoco:), Bob was CEO and Co Founder of Planet Moon Studios. Formed in 1997, they are a world-class independent developer of Wii, Next-Generation console, PC, DS games. Together they have created multiple award-winning, critically-acclaimed games based on their own highly original and innovative IPs: Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Armed & Dangerous and infected. Recently, they collaborated with EA to create Wii SmartyPants and have since signed multiple unannounced deals with top-tier publishers. Their games are adored by critics and fans alike and have sold millions of copies around the world.

Some of his successful games prior to founding Planet Moon include Myth, The Jungle Book, Terminator, Robocop versus Terminator and MDK. Bob began his career as a game artist and designer and quickly established himself as a notable talent in the early days of the industry

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