Josiah Colborn

Developer Biography

Josiah Colborn is a video game art leader, most recently credited for his work on Age of Empires Online with Gas Powered Games. On that project he would organize and track the art pipeline for all game assets and direct off-site artists as the Art Coordinator. Josiah would go on to perform many artistic odd-jobs for the title, including the creation of terrain tilesets, vanity gear sets from concept to completion, and painting numerous icons for inventory items and in-game milestone rewards.

In 2012, Josiah was moved from the Age of Empires Online team to lead the art department for a new in-house project. There he was responsible for leading the art team to success on their milestones while he established a pipeline and art style for the game's user-interface and HUD.

Josiah remained at Gas Powered Games' through the Wildman kickstarter campaign and subsequent Wargaming acquisition. The studio, now known as currently employs Josiah as the Art Manager.

Prior to his time at GPG, Josiah was a key member of Super X Studios, contributing substantially to multiple completed and canceled projects. Josiah had a great time making Greg Hastings' Paintball 2 with the studio, providing art direction, character models and animation, UI and game design. He also had the opportunity to manage some outsourcing on that project. Previously with this studio, Josiah's work can be found in the Wii release of Wild Earth: African Safari. This port updated the game Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth, previously released on the PC, with new models, animations and minigames that Josiah helped create. Josiah was also involved in the development of PC version of this game as a character animator for the game's animals, where Josiah began his game industry career.

In between his creative endeavors, Josiah stayed involved in the game industry by joining QA teams, where he would hone technical and organizational skills as a QA lead and Software Test Engineer. Josiah is credited for contributions to Gears of War and Mass Effect, among others. He believes the QA experience gives him a valuable perspective and foundation for what it means to create a polished game experience.

Josiah's career groundwork was laid when he began modding games like Wolfenstein and Doom II, going on to hone sketching skills during public school hours. He later attended the Art Institute of Seattle focusing on game art and animation.

Even while employed, Josiah spends his off-hours working passionately as the Art Director for Novo Interactive LLC and spends his weekends designing pen & paper roleplaying systems. Josiah is married, lives in the Seattle area, and has two daughters.

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