Manny Pimenta

Developer Biography

Manny has been actively involved in space advocacy for over 7 years. He joined the Space Frontier Foundation in 2000 and attended his first Return To The Moon Conference (RTM II) In Las Vegas in July. Two years later, Manny ran the fourth Return To The Moon Conference (RTM IV) in Houston as Conference Chairman, and then RTM V in Las Vegas. He has served on the Board of Directors and ran the Space Frontier Foundation Return To The Moon project for 3 years. He has been an Advocate with the SFF for over five years and is currently the Advocate Director. He also joined ProSpace, a citizens lobbying organization, and has participated in the annual March Storm lobbying drive in Washington D.C. for the past six years.

He has an Electrical Engineering degree from NJIT and a Master’s in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. He has worked in telecommunications, material handling, and military radar systems. He found it astonishing that we had been to the Moon almost 40 years ago and, in this age of high end computer games, the Internet, and advanced consumer graphics, we still did not have an interactive virtual model of the Moon. All this amazing NASA data just sitting on the shelf, not being enjoyed by the people who actually paid for it (the taxpayers) seemed like an unfortunate waste.

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