François Robillard

Developer Biography

François Robillard has held leadership positions in digital media and entertainment companies since 1993 and is a seasoned producer and designer of interactive gaming and educational products.

Before the Sanctuary Woods studio in downtown Victoria, B.C. was sold to Disney Interactive (May 1996), Robillard worked on two of its adventure games: as Co-Designer on The Riddle of Master Lu and as Production Lead on Orion Burger.

After the acquistion, Robillard became Studio Director of the facility (1996-2000), and later on he became Vice President of Production (2000 - 2003). During his 7 years at Disney Interactive, Robillard led teams that generated many award winning products, including the critically acclaimed TRON 2.0 action adventure game.
As Vice President, he oversaw development of personal computer entertainment and educational software worldwide. He collaborated with Disney teams across themed attractions, film, television, and internet productions featuring Mickey Mouse, Winnie-the-Pooh, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Lion King and many more popular properties.

After Disney, from 2003-2007, Robillard was President at Rhino Entertainment, and in 2008 he became Game Creation Executive at A2M in Montreal.

Robillard got his education at the Royal Military College of Canada/Collège militaire royal du Canada. He has been a member of the advisory board of KnowledgeWhere and Blister Entertainment.

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