Edmund McMillen

Developer Biography

Edmund Charles McMillen is an independent game developer based in the USA. He is best known for Gish (2004), Super Meat Boy (2010) and The Binding of Isaac (2011). Coming from a background as an independent comic artist, he got into flash development at Newgrounds. He focuses on design, graphics, and animations, and collaborates with other developers for the programming.

He volunteered at the independent studio Chronic Logic close to where he lived, doing illustrations, and after a few months he was hired making about $300 a month for graphical work. He got to know the company through its bridge building game Pontifex. He pitched the game idea of Gish, which incorporated Chrono Logic's Alex Austin's strength for physics. After a failed entry at the IGF, it went on to win the grand prize in the next edition and it also became a big indie game success.

He later co-founded the development studio Cryptic Sea where he worked on Gish 2 as an XBLA game. The deal went sour and he focused on a remake of Meat Boy as a small side project for the Wii. It ended up as Super Meat Boy and became his commercial breakthrough game.

He is currently part of the team Team Meat. People he collaborates with often are Tommy Refenes and Florian Himsl. In November 2008 he released a disc with his collected works (1998-2008) under the title This is a Cry for Help. As similar compilation was released in 2012 as The Basement Collection. That one was only available as a download.

After Super Meat Boy McMillen's experimental project The Binding of Isaac (2011) grew into a full game. It was followed by the expansion Wrath of the Lamb in 2012. He is currently working on a new game project, an iOS port of Super Meat Boy, and a complete remake of The Binding of Isaac, for the latter mainly to fix the Flash performance issues, but it will also contain additional content and redone visuals.

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