Mario Kroll

Developer Biography

German-born Mario Kroll founded, a leading war and strategy gaming site, in 1995. He operated the site and held a number of executive management positions there until early 2004, following the's sale.

Concurrently he QA tested the Steel Panthers Series by Strategic Simulations, Inc. and Mindscape; he localized several titles for Fishtank Interactive from German to English; and beta tested Children of the Nile and Warcraft III.

In July 2004, began as Associate Producer and English Language Community Manager for CDV Software Entertainment AG, a German-based publisher of strategy games. His most recent game credits include Codename: Panzers, Phase One; Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder; and the planned Cossacks II and Blitzkrieg II.

He currently resides near Raleigh, North Carolina, from where he manages the majority of online and print marketing and public relations efforts on behalf of CDV Software Entertainment USA.

Contributed by Mario Kroll (5) on Dec 10, 2004.