Daniel Marchant

Developer Biography

Dan Marchant is a game industry veteran of 20 years who has worked as Producer, Development Manager, Director of Development, and Business Development Director. He has worked for developers including Westwood Studios, Revolution Software, Cryo Interactive, Probe Entertainment, and many others.

In 1987 Marchant joined the developer/publisher SCi (now Eidos Interactive) as Development Manager and worked on Sci's first nine titles (the arcade conversions Silkworm, Narc, Shinobi, Ninja Warriors, Continental Circus, Saint Dragon, Rodland, Double Dragon II, and S.W.I.V.).
In 1991 Dan left SCi and worked for a short time at Mirrorsoft, just long enough to produce the Vivid Image title The First Samurai.

Then he started at Virgin Games as Senior Producer on a number of titles, including Dune II, Reach for the Skies, Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel Sky, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio and KGB (Conspiracy).
As the company grew (and changed its name to Virgin Interactive Entertainment ), Marchant set up the company’s internal development studio and design department before taking on the role of Director of Development, with responsibility for European product acquisition.

In 1997 Marchant joined Ocean Software as Internal Development Director until its merger with Infogrames, at which time he set up Obscure as a Business Development Consultancy. The company’s main focus is Business Development, but also includes design and project management.

In addition to his work Marchant is an active member of the IGDA.org (moderator of the Business & Legal forum) and Gamedev.net (moderator of The Business of Game Development forum).

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