Howard Newmark

Developer Biography

Howard Newmark has over 25 years experience in the games industry as a distributor, developer and publisher.

Prior to joining Enlight, Howard has set up and run various European Software Distribution companies as well as becoming Director of Licensing and Acquisitions for Accolade Europe (now Atari) and VP of Publishing for Creature Labs.

He was General Manager of Enlight Interactive Europe Ltd. before becoming the Vice President of Publishing at Conspiracy Entertainment Europe in May 2006.

Howard also set up and ran the UK office of Dutch publisher Lighthouse Interactive, establishing the SHIP SIMULATOR brand as a household name in the UK, until it fell victim to the bankruptcy of several major UK distributors, which caused the company to become bankrupt as well. Howard is one of the founders and shareholders of ICEBERG INTERACTIVE which was formed following the demise of Lighthouse, overseeing and developing worldwide digital sales of Iceberg products, expansion of retail sales, with direct responsibility for UK retail sales and other territories.

Howard also negotiates commercial deals for Asylum Entertainment Ltd, assisting with the executive production of Peppa Pig; the Game, Tracy Beaker, Horrid Henry; Missions of Mischief and the console versions of Miniclip's Sushi-Go-Round.

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