Chris Taylor

Developer Biography

Chris Taylor's first game, Hardball II, shipped in 1989, winning a Software Publishers Association award for best sports game of the year. The second game 4-D Boxing won many awards and was among the first games to use motion capture data for its character animation. After completing Triple Play '96 for Electronic Arts, Chris joined Cavedog Entertainment, where he created a truly next-generation Real-time Strategy game, Total Annihilation, which was released in 1997.

After The Core Contingency expansion pack for TA, Chris started his own company: Gas Powered Games in May 1998. The action RPG Dungeon Siege was released in 2002 and again confirmed Chris as an innovator in both technology and gameplay. He worked on 3 more games in the franchise: the expansion pack Legends of Aranna (2003), the sequel Dungeon Siege II (2005) and the PSP version Throne of Agony (2006).

After this, he returned to real-time strategy games with the release of Supreme Commander in 2007.

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