Paul Richards

Developer Biography

Paul Richards still doesn't quite believe he's been illustrating for the computer gaming industry since graduating high school in 1997. He left a cushy job as a comic book clerk in Appleton, WI to move to Dallas, TX where, over the course of five years, his art career was spring boarded by ION Storm, floated briefly by id Software, adopted by 3D Realms and further disciplined by Ritual Entertainment (last project worked on : Star Trek : Elite Force II). Now Paul's back in Wisconsin, his parasitic tendrils sunk into Raven Software with hopes of staying put for as long as his darling wife will allow. When not scribbling in sketchbooks, Paul can be found rifling through record crates and sweating over his mixing console as the plucky DJ Variant.

Source: Selected articles from Raven Software Official Website - Company - Art

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