Leigh Bird

Developer Biography

Leigh Bird started in games in 1997, starting at Climax, and in 2007 moving onto working with Xen. He advanced quickly from Junior Programmer on Diablo to becoming a Lead Programmer on Populous: The Beginning, both for the PlayStation.

He continued as Lead for Superbike, Quadbikes ATV and Theme Park Inc. Lead Programming tasks involved such things as scheduling, organisation and delegation, programming in various languages for different platforms, bug-fixer extraordinaire, and database work.

After being Technical Lead on Sudeki, he has been a Senior Programmer on 2 DS titles for Climax and after working with Xen, 3 high profile Xbox 360 titles. He is currently with Ruffian Games as a Lead Engineer.

Contributed by Sciere (505801) on Feb 28, 2009.