William R. Davis Sr.

Developer Biography

Bill Davis, a.k.a. William R. Davis, Sr., a.k.a. William Robert Davis, Sr, .a.k.a Trowzers Akimbo (born May 1949) is an American animation director/designer, creative director, illustrator, graphic designer, painter and founder or "Mother Productions." He married his wife, Betty Tikker Davis, at the age of 18 and is the father of two children.

Among other accomplishments, Bill received an Emmy award for his animated title and segue films on NBC’s, "NBC, The First 50 Years: A Closer Look," created over 200 "More to Come" on-air slides for the "Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson" and designed the famous, if not infamous "Gong Show" logo.

He has made major contributions in the fields of illustration, graphic design, animation, computer games and fine art. He was lead graphic designer for NBC, an animation director/designer for Kurtz & Friends and as a freelancer, VP of development/creative director for two computer game companies: Sierra On-Line and Rocket Science Games and in 2007 currently occupies the creative director chair at Mother Productions, an organization which creates web sites, on-air and internet animation, logos and other graphic design.

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