Hiromichi Tanaka

Developer Biography

Hiromichi Tanaka is a Japanese video game developer, game producer, game director and game designer. He is currently Senior Vice President of Software Development at Square Enix.

In 1983, Tanaka dropped out of Yokohama National University along with Hironobu Sakaguchi to join Square Co., Ltd., a newly formed software branch of Denyuusha Software. He has been involved with programming many of their early games, and designing the first three Final Fantasy games, and directing and producing many other games after that.

He has risen through the ranks at Square very quickly and was responsible for Product Development at Square. He kept this role in the company even after the merger of Square and Enix.

He is best known as the Lead Developer of Final Fantasy XI Online, Square Enix's first massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).

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