Tim C. Fritz

Developer Biography

After getting his Associates Degree in Graphic Arts, Tim started out in the QA department at Westwood Studios. He was quickly recognized for his attention to detail and was promoted to the role of Asset Manager. During his time as the company’s Asset Manager, he was asked to take on a dual role as the cinematic Video Compression Artist. He was tasked with the frame by frame analysis of all pre-rendered movies, correcting any errors, and putting them together into Westwood’s proprietary movie format. His role grew from correcting and consolidating artwork to creating it. He provided 3D artwork for the Playstation™ version of Dune: 2000™, and for Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat™ for the XBox™ and Playstation 2™. From there he was promoted to Associate Producer for the Emperor: Battle for Dune™ and Earth and Beyond™ projects.

After the close of Westwood Studios, he joined his former Westwood colleagues at Petroglyph Games, Inc. as an Associate Producer, and then became Producer for Universe at War™ for the Xbox 360™. He later left Petroglyph to join Terminal Reality, Inc. as the Project Manager for Ghostbusters: The Video Game™ and Kinect Star Wars™. In March of 2012 he left Terminal Reality, Inc. to join Microsoft Studios as a Senior Producer.

His previous game credits include the award winning Command & Conquer™ series, the Lands of Lore™ series, the Legend of Kyrandia™ series, the Dune™ RTS games, Blade Runner™, Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat™, Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption™, Ghostbusters: The Video Game™, and most recently Kinect Star Wars™.

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