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Jesus Perez

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El Niño was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. At an early age he developed a strong affinity for the music of his native Cuba. By the age of seven, Jesús started playing a variety of instruments. Among his favorites are the guitar, bass, piano and flute. In 1978, Jesús Alejandro made his transition into the music scene as an arranger, rapidly developing a unique style and technique as he worked with fellow musicians in the United States. In 1980, Niño formed a musical group: "Versailles", and signed his first recording contract in 1981 with CBS (currently Sony Music). Since then, Niño has proven his skills as a player and avid arranger/composer, working with well known artists in the Latin venue, among them: "Hansel and Raul", "Roberto Torres", "Oscar D'Leon", "ricardo lemvo & makina loca".

At present residing in Montreal, Canada, Jesús introduced Makina Loca to the Montreal audience during the 1997 edition of the Montreal international jazz festival.

Source: Selected articles from LMS Records Official Company Website - Tropico Page

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