Daniel Leon

Developer Biography

Daniel Leon was born in Montecillo, Michoacan, Mexico on September 28, 1964, but his parents moved to the capital (Mexico city) when he was two years old.

Daniel started singing at the age of 14 when he started hanging out with different musical groups of varied styles, among them, Tropical and Mexican styles, making him a versatile singer.

Although Mexican born, he was always attracted to Colombian music, since this style is played throughout radio stations of the Mexican capital.

At a street party in 1987, he met a Colombian group that was playing and he immediately identified with the Colombians. That day he met Lucho Campillo, a very popular Colombian songwriter. Daniel has been singing with him since 1989 to the present.

At the age of 17 he came to the United States performing with Campillo and other groups.

Daniel has recorded about 7 albums. Occasionally he performs with other groups such as "Sonora Show", "Aniceto Molina" and also lends his voice to advertising recordings.

Source: Selected articles from LMS Records Official Company Website - Tropico Page


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