Steve Perrin

Developer Biography

Steve Perrin comes originally from the paper game industry, where he is credited as primary author for games like RuneQuest, Superworld, Robot Warriors, Worlds of Wonder, and the licensed Elfquest game. He also helped develop games such as Call of Cthulhu, Thieves World, and Stormbringer. He started working on computer games as early as 1988 and was designing onine games (which fell prey to a change in direction for the company) as recently as 2000. He is currently working on paper game projects again. He has been credited with Documentation, Playtesting, Writing / Dialogue / Story, Design, Interpreter / Development System, Production, Special Thanks To, and Level / Scenario Design . Has worked with the following game development companies: Maxis, Interplay, Rowan Software Ltd., Sphere, Inc., Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Strategic Simulations, Inc., Asciiware and Leaping Lizard Software.

He has no connection whatsoever with the Steve Perrin who worked with SouthPeak Interactive.

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