Brian Keron

Developer Biography

From Volition's web site:
"Brian learned to program back in the glory days of 200x47 graphics on the TRS-80. Sometime later, he determined he wanted to make video games after seeing Doom. Like anyone driven to achieve a goal, he ignored it for a while, went to many computer science & math courses, and took internships working on compilers and more database code than he cares to admit.

After graduating, he took a job working on databases but soon remembered his long-forgotten dream. He then devoted his nights to slaving over a graphics demo in a hot, cramped room. After it was complete (and hard to install), he came to work here and hasn't looked back. Since starting at Volition, he's worked on both Summoner and Red Faction."

Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on Nov 27, 2003.