Scott Murphy

Developer Biography

One of the legendary "Two Guys from Andromeda", Scott Murphy is best known as the co-creator of the Space Quest series.

His career in the games industry began when he was hired as a dealer returns person at Sierra (then still On-Line Systems). He later worked in customer support and quality assurance. After seeing other people programming Sierra's adventure games, he begged Ken Williams to let him have a try at programming, which led to him becoming a programmer for The Black Cauldron. Working on that game, he met Mark Crowe, who was doing the graphics. The two shared a love of science fiction and a sense of humor, so they decided to get together and design their own game - the Two Guys from Andromeda and Space Quest were born.

Murphy programming, Crowe doing art, both designing, they did four Space Quest games together. After the fourth game, the two split ways when Crowe moved to Dynamix. Murphy continued programming for various Sierra projects. When Sierra decided to do Space Quest 6, he was busy programming Police Quest: Open Season, so they asked Josh Mandel to design the game. Murphy worked as a consultant, but had to finish the game when Mandel left Sierra.

Murphy later worked on Space Quest 7, a project that never saw the light of the day. He was laid off from Sierra in early 1999 (a while before the infamous "Chainsaw Monday").

In 2012, Murphy rejoined Crowe and created a new company, called Guys from Andromeda, with a spiritual successor to Space Quest, called SpaceVenture, due out Summer 2013.

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