Marc Racine

Developer Biography

Marc Racine

When Sentinel Studios failed to launch due to a lack of funding, Marc went to Wizards of the Coast where he currently holds the title of Director of Software Development & Live Operations, working to help Wizards establish a robust digital presence.

Marc has over 10 years of diversified game, business and software development experience in the game industry.

Before joining Sentinel Studios Marc served as the Senior Producer for Octagon Entertainment and was responsible for the growth and day to day operation of the Development Services business unit. Under Marc’s leadership, that department shipped over 25 SKUs to market in 14 months.

Prior to Octagon, Marc was a Co-Founder and Director of Production at Vicious Cycle Software, where he was Director of Production and supervised 50+ developers. Marc was responsible for all production elements for all titles shipped by the studio. Vicious Cycle was recently bought by the Japanese publisher D3P for an undisclosed amount.

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