Jeff Dee

Developer Biography

Jeff Dee, along with Bill Willingham, Erol Otus, and others, was one of the more popular artists whose work appeared in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books.

In addition to working on several PC game titles at Origin, Simtex, Looking Glass, et al., he was the designer and artist on the popular Villains and Vigilantes tabletop superhero RPG. He has created several other tabletop games, including TWERPS, The System, and Quicksilver.

Jeff has worked on such popular PC games as Master of Orion, Master of Magic, and was originally slated to be the designer of the ill-fated Simtex superhero strategy game. He was a designer on "Castaway Stories" (a story game for The Sims 2 line), and is currently employed as a designer with Aspyr. Definitely contemptuous of Zodiac superstitions. (more bio's)

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