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Bio: Harvey Smith, aka Witchboy

During his hellish early years on the Texas Gulf Coast (surrounded by evil shrimpers and gloomy chemical plants), Witchboy's sanity was (narrowly) preserved through years of non-stop gaming and subcultural pursuits. Only through this massive assimilation of SF/Fantasy books, computer/vid games, paper RPG's and mope rock did he manage to evolve into the fey being he is today. He makes his home in Austin, Texas because he has a lick of sense. He is a pesco-vegetarian and a 6th generation Texan.

Deus Ex 2 (Project Director) 
Deus Ex (Lead Designer) 
FireTeam (Lead Designer) 
Technosaur (Project Director/Designer) 
CyberMage (Associate Producer) 
Ultima VIII, CD Re-release (Lead Tester/Designer) 
System Shock (Lead Tester) 
Super Wing Commander 3DO (Tester) 

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