Alexander Seropian

Developer Biography

In May of 1991, Alexander Seropian founded Bungie Software and published Operation Desert Storm for the Macintosh, a meticulously researched tank-combat game. Shortly afterwards he teamed up with another gamer and computer junkie he met in an artificial intelligence class, Jason Jones, to publish his game, Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete. In the nineties the studio soon gained notoriety through the Marathon and Myth series.

In 2000 he negotiated the acquisition of Bungie by Microsoft and oversaw the development of Halo (2001), the flagship title for the launch of the Xbox console. Seropian left Bungie in August of 2002 and went on to found a new development studio, Wideload Games, in 2003.

The studio was acquired by Disney Interactive Studios in September 2009 and Seropian joined Disney to oversee the company's different development teams.

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