Amy Janas

Developer Biography

As Marketing Manager, Amy Janas manages online sales and marketing, online initiatives and develops the Her Interactive web site. She works with Ms. Carolyn Goodwin.

Amy has over ten years experience in the console game and PC software industry. A majority of her industry experience was earned at Nintendo of America where she worked in the Online Group, building a safe place for Nintendo fans to meet online, and in the Network Products group, working on the sales and marketing of the Nintendo Gateway System, a network-based version of the Nintendo game console used in hotels and aircraft. Prior to joining Her Interactive in February 2001, Amy worked for a firm that develops digital rights management technology.

Amy received her BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Washington. Since 1997 she has been researching female play patterns and trends regarding computer games. She wrote 'Saving the Princess: Video Game Play Among Females and Computer Use.' Amy believes that children's computer and video game use leads to the adoption of other technologies and builds confidence in their use of computers.

Amy is delighted to be part of the Her Interactive team and to work for a company that delivers quality game content to all game players.

(Source: Her Interactive website)

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