Layla Mah

Developer Biography

Layla Mah studied Computer Science and Graphics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She also studied Mandarin at East China Normal University. Prior to joining the developer relations team at AMD, she developed and optimized game and graphics engines for PC and Console (PS3, XBOX, Xbox 360, and Wii). She has previously worked at Vicarious Visions, Blue Fang Games, and WB Games: Turbine. In her role at AMD, she interfaces with game developers and provides them with the support needed to maximize their engine's graphics performance and quality on modern DX11 class hardware, and beyond. When not busy working with game developers, Layla can most often be found in the dance studio, figure skating, or driving around on the race track. Her favorite video games are Final Fantasy VI and Mario Bros Wii.

Contributed by Layla Mah (1) on Jul 10, 2013.