Paul Wilkerson

Developer Biography

Paul Wilkerson, Vice President of Technology, joined Quarium Inc. in 1995. He has over 20 years of experience working on various computer systems and languages for various industries.

Mr. Wilkerson has a degree in Computing and Information Sciences from Oklahoma State University.

Prior to joining Quarium, Mr. Wilkerson spent four years as Senior Engineer at PF Magic developing CD-i, 3DO and Sega titles, tools, and technology. Prior to that Mr. Wilkerson was a senior engineer at Biomation developing software for their line of logic analyzers. Mr. Wilkerson also spent 3 years with Philips Interactive, managing the tools and emulator development for CD-i. In addition Mr. Wilkerson has spent time at Lincom, where he helped develop military satellite resource management tools and real time military satellite voice emulation.

[Source: Quarium Inc.]

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