Derrick P. Rowson

Developer Biography

    Software Projects and together with Steve Wetherill wrote:
  1. Manic Miner on the CPC
  2. Jet set willy 2 (the final frontier) CPC.

  3. Alone wrote
  4. JSW2 the final frontier on the spectrum
  5. Converted JSW on CPC
  6. Wrote Base code to Dragons Liar Spectrum

  7. At Odin: Computers
  8. The Plot

  9. At Consult Computers:
  10. every second counts spectrum
  11. return of the Jedi Spectrum
  12. Vndicators CPC

  13. At Mr chip Software:
  14. Rollaround CPC (using the name Simon Wilson)

Contributed by Derrick P Rowson (10) on Nov 11, 2010.