Steve Meister

Developer Biography

I was the original computer geek. Back in the olden days, a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 Level 2 microcomputer was placed in front of me, and I never looked back. I quickly learned BASIC and wrote dozens of games, all in glorious 128x48 monochrome graphics. Started my high school’s computer club, which quickly evolved into a computer GAMES club. We’d bring our TRS-80’s, Atari 800’s and Apple II’s in after school and game for a few hours. This was the first golden age of video games, when our idea of a fun night out was to fill our pockets with quarters and spend ‘em all on Galaxian, Tempest, Asteroids and Battlezone.

After I earned my Computer Science degree, I spent the next 12 years working for a variety of government contractors on just about every platform and programming language out there. And then, in June of 1999, I started working for ZeniMax, in the R&D group at first, and then starting in the Spring of 2001, I began helping out with Morrowind, specifically working on the magic system, lighting, and other miscellaneous aspects of the game. Since then I have contributed to Morrowind's expansions, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, and am currently working for Bethesda Softworks on unannounced projects.

Contributed by Steve Meister (4) on Jul 19, 2004.