Chris Roberts

Developer Biography

Chris Roberts (b. 27th May 1968) is a game developer and film director best known for creating the Wing Commander series while employed at ORIGIN Systems. He was born in California (USA), but grew up in Manchester (England). He returned to the country in 1986 and found a job at ORIGIN. There he worked on games such as Times of Lore (1988) and Bad Blood (1990). Wing Commander was also released in 1990.

He left the company in 1996 and founded his own studio, Digital Anvil.

In 2011 he founded the studio Cloud Imperium Games Corporation to work on a successor to Wing Commander and Freelancer. A crowd funding campaign was launched on 10th October 2012 for the game Star Citizen. By August 2013 the project achieved backing funds exceeding $15 million.

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